KB2 standing clock with regulator



PHILIPPE LEBRU, the explorer of time” Time does not belong to us. This clock is like an android formed at the tangent of Alain’s universe and the one I am building. Our meeting was obvious… sprinkled with the pleasure of creating and making together our first machine to explore time, stoic, with a beating heart and beautiful as eternity. “Philippe Lebru 

ALAIN SILBERSTEIN, the watch architect “To create, I always need a trigger, an idea. For the “KB2” clock, it was the Utinam movement with the path of its weight-bearing steel wire which passes through pulleys and is attached to the structure. It reminded me of the path of the film in the old cinema projectors. A real kinetic animation that lent itself well to the design of a timepiece sculpture. Alain Silberstein

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The Kontwaz Bauhaus 2 clock combines the singularity of Philippe Lebru’s mechanical works of art with the Bauhaus inspirations and signature colors of Alain Silberstein. This unique UTINAM creation, born and manufactured in Besançon and co-signed by the two artists, gives pride of place to innovation thanks to its off-center small second.

Warranty 2 years
Color Yellow
Manufacturing France
Mechanism type Manual
Movement mark UTINAM Besançon Manufacture
Power Reserve 7 days
Display Type Analog needle
Height 2 m
Clock weight 32kg
Body finish Matte or glossy
Complication Regulator
Needles Silberstein Type