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11 900 €

UTINAM Besançon mechanical clock designed by Philippe LEBRU, with a patented movement, awarded at the Lépine competition in Paris in 2005, numbered pieces, limited series of 88, designed and made in our Besançon workshops


Unique and technological, subversive and creative, discover UTINAM watchmaking

Located in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taipei, M.A.D. Gallery is a captivating universe of kinetic art where horological machines and mechanical art devices reign supreme. The UTINAM Kontwaz Bauhaus 2 sharing many values with M.A.D. Gallery, it is therefore unsurprising that it can be found there.


UTINAM opens the doors of 117 and 119 Grande Rue in Besançon to you to find all of the brand’s mechanical works of art as well as an exclusive selection of the best watchmakers of our time. Also discover the UTINAM Manufacture and discover the watchmaking know-how of the Arc-Jura region by entering “In the Skin of a Watchmaker” during a unique immersive workshop.

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